F.A.Q.   (Frequently Asked Questions)

We paid for the tickets in May but it is now June and I have not yet received them. When will I get them?

The High School does not allow us to schedule dates for the concerts until they have their own schedule arranged for the next school year. Most of the time we do not have the opportunity to see the calendar and place reservation for the auditorium until late June or July. Then we begin making arrangements with the artists. Typically everything is set to go and tickets are printed for the upcoming season in late July. Then envelops will be stuff and mailed early in August.  Please expect tickets in the U.S. postal mail around the second week of August.

Can I buy a ticket for just one of the concerts?

We sell our tickets beginning in March as full season packages. We normally close out ticket sales in May with enough tickets sold to fill out our venue.  Many of these acts are brought to us through Live-On-Stage to community organizations like ours. Many other organizations sell individual tickets at a much higher price. Since our venue is at a local school and that we fill it out every year selling season tickets, we are able to sell these season packages at nearly the price that one ticket would cost at one of those other cities venues.

This year the season ticket price was $50.00 for one adult for five concerts. Please consider watching our web page when we open up next year season ticket sales in March.

Can Membership fees and donations be made via credit card?

At this time we do not take credit cards. Maybe someday soon!

How do you select the concerts?

We partner with Live-On-Stage whom gathers these artists for organizations like ours. Once a year our Board of Directors meet with a representative from Live-On-Stage to review their artist options for the coming season. We then vote for our 5 favorites and begin making arrangements for the next season.


Our events are held at the local High School auditoriums.  This helps to keep our costs very reasonable. The reservation of the auditorium cannot be held for us by the High School until the planning for the school’s needs during the summer months have first been addressed. Then we have access to reserve the auditorium for our dates. That is why these dates for our season are not set in stone ( TBD ) until July or August every year. Once these dates have been set we then print the event tickets and mail them to you via the U.S. postal service in mid August.  The “DATE and LOCATION TBD” on the website will also be changed!  ( TBD = To  Be  Determined ).  The arrangements for the concert season are made for September through May every year. No summer concerts.

When is the concert season?

The dates arranged for the concert season are in September through May of the next year. Fall, Winter and Spring every year. This is the time of the year that these artist tour the country.  Our schedule is determined between the artists travel openings that align with openings at the High School.

You too could sell tickets and become involved!

At one of the concerts please feel free stop at the table by the entrance. This is a non-profit all volunteer organization. Discuss what your opportunities are to help your community.