Anoka Community Concerts Association

The non-profit Anoka Community Concerts Association’s mission is to enhance the enjoyment of our community with affordable live entertainment through an annual subscription-only series of exceptional performances.

Anoka Community Concert Association has been providing quality concerts since 1947.

President: Roger Renner
Vice President: Mark Kvamme
Secretary: -Vacant-
Treasurer: Sharon Kvamme
Concert Coordinator: Mark Stenzel
Membership Coordinator: Joann Johnson

The “Executive Committee” members oversee operations and any high level decision needed to keep the Anoka Community Concert Association following our mission. This organization has existed since 1947.

Campaign: Terri Renner
Concert Seating: Shary Larson
Historian / Parliamentarian: Diane Campbell
Hospitality: Louise Burger
Publicity: Mary Smith
Technology: Jeff Burger

The “Operating Coordinators” are responsible for various different aspects of the Anoka Community Concert Association business activities. These members work under the direction of the Executive Committee in support of our mission.

Cheryl Anderson Robert Meyer – vacant –
Mary Kay Fowler- Wacholz David Plante – vacant –
Kay Huntsman – vacant – – vacant –

The role of these members, the  “At Large Board of Directors” is to assist where possible for the support of Anoka Community Concert Association (A.C.C.A.) mission. These volunteers need to serve as an “At Large Director” before they can be an Operating Coordinator or Executive officer for the A.C.C.A. organization. 

The Executive Committee, Operating Coordinators and At Large Board of Directors (the above board members) have several business meetings a year. One of these meetings is in August or September which is a booking meeting where we vote on the artists that we wish to present to the Anoka Community Concert Association’s membership. If you would like to have some involvement in the artist selection please come join and work with this great team of volunteers!

Membership Liaisons Volunteers

Cheryl Alberts Carolyn Ellefson Karen Lips Laurie Saburn
Cheryl Anderson Mary Kay Fowler-Wacholz Mary-Jo Loftus Mary Smith
Linda Anderson Carole Hibbard Roger McCulley Betze Solomonson
Norman Berg Kay Huntsman Karen McCulloch Leah Stenzel
Janice Block Joann Johnson Robert Meyer Nancy Swanson
Linda Boeding Carol Kabat Pam O’Keefe Eleanor Zwiers
Louise Burger Linda Keller David Plante David Lindermann
Diane Campbell Deb Koepsell Linda Poissant
Lois Carter Sharon Kvamme Roger Renner
Lindsey Fowler-Wacholz Shary Larson Linda Riihiluoma

The role of the “Membership Liaison” volunteer is to maintain a relationship with each season ticket holder. Membership liaisons will contact members with any changes or updates and welcome members to contact them with any questions throughout the season and to renew their season tickets for next year! Enjoy!

If you are interested in working with us in this great organization’s mission then please stop by the table by the front entrance at each concert!

We are looking for more volunteers to help support the Anoka Community Concert Association organization and it’s community. To learn how you can help please call 763-421-6477 or stop by the table in the lobby at any concert! Or you can ask any ACCA member at these concerts and we would be happy to tell you what we do for our community!

  1. Help select the artists that we hire
  2. Support the concert activities
  3. Sell tickets and earn a free ticket for yourself for every 10 that you sell. You can earn up to maximum 2 free tickets..
  4. Work with other ACCA members who have passion to continue our mission.




Contact us at ;

Anoka Community Concert Association

15333 Rhinestone St. NW

Ramsey, MN 55303

phone 763-421-6477